To create a new Gold Standard in the cannabis infused edibles market; utilizing the highest quality chocolates and cannabis available. Cloud 9 Confections aims to craft an experience that delivers a higher level of indulgence.

Our Story:

When we at Cloud 9 Confections first started looking into the edibles market, we observedĀ an opportunity to provide the finest quality Belgian chocolate cannabis confections in the marketplace. This motivated us to take our 30 plus years of culinary expertise and our love for the highest quality chocolate to create the new Gold Standard of indulgence utilizing premier Belgian Chocolate. This is just the beginning though. We strive to grow and will shortly cover all confections, not just chocolate.

Our Values

Cloud 9 Confections actions are encompassed by our six core values:

  • A customer experience unlike any other
  • Source the highest quality ingredients at all times
  • Creating trend setting products and innovative flavors
  • A passion for setting and creating the new Gold Standard
  • Transparent integrity that can be seen through our work
  • Empowering our team members everyday

Our Chocolate

  • Chocolate lovers world wide know that one of the most famous of chocolate producing countries is Belgium.
  • Belgium has a long tradition of chocolate making. Belgian chocolate is characteristically more buttery, medium sweet with medium bitterness.
  • The popularity of the Belgian chocolate taste is because it is comforting and forward without too many distractions. This classic taste is derived from the unique African cacao companies in Belgium source as an ingredient. West African cacao, the type Belgian chocolatiers use, is world famous for having a classic cocoa taste. This straightforward taste is the cornerstone of the chocolate.